7 tips to help move your baby from crib to toddler bed

 The transition from a crib to a bed for your toddler can be a big milestone in their lives. You want to make sure that it is done with consideration to the child and where they are developmentally.

This may take your child time to adjust to so you will need to be patient with them. Always keep their safety in mind. 

You will know when it's time when your child is trying to climb out of the crib. This usually happens around 2 years old and is recommended that when they are 36” tall that they should be moved to a toddler bed.

Here are 7 tips that can help aid in this process to make it successful and safe.

1. Set a specific time for bed and about 30 minutes prior let them know it will soon be bedtime.

 2. To help them get ready for bed, give them a bath or read a book and stop tv time and video games 30 minutes before. This will help them relax and calm down. 

3. Make sure the bed is comfortable and provide a night light. If your child is under 2 do not give them a pillow. Let them have their favorite stuffed toy and if they are old enough they can help pick out the blanket and sheets. This will make them excited to go to bed. 

4. You may want to lay the crib mattress on the floor instead of starting  with a toddler bed so they don't fall out. If you decide to go straight to a toddler bed, add guardrails to prevent falls. The guardrails must fit against the mattress and frame so that there are no gaps.

5. If they get out of bed, return them right away and let them know that you will be back. You can try using the toddler bed just for naps in the beginning so that they can slowly get used to it. 

6. Be consistent. It will take them time to adjust to all of these big changes. Being consistent will make this successful. 


7. Be sure that you have a child proofed their room. Because they can now get up on their own and move around they may get into things.  

Keep the nightly routine the same as it was when they were in the crib and praise your child for practicing good bedtime habits.  It will help make this a success.


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