Our Story

We are Growth Spurt. Created for Kids like yours. By Parents like us.

At Growth Spurt, we know what it feels like to bring a baby into the world. The anticipation. The joy. The magic.

We also know what it's like when things don't go the way you expected them to. The stress. The anxiety. The exhaustion.

When our children were born, we felt all the feels. The good and the scary. We firsthand spent weeks and months, consoling a crying child in discomfort and digestive distress, trying to find the perfect nutrition plan to ease the despair.

We quickly realized that allergies and digestive issues in infants and toddlers were way more common than we knew. We also found out that there were very few quality formula solutions with the kind of clean ingredients that today's health-conscious parents could feel good about.

We get it. We feel you. And we did something about it. We're innovating and disrupting a category that truly needs change.

Welcome to Growth Spurt Nutrition. The brand that is about to turn the formula market on its head. Our formula, created with expert nutritionists, and state of the art manufacturing, is modeled after breast milk-made with only the highest quality ingredients and none of the junk you don't want to give your kids. And that's just the beginning. Our formula recipe has been specifically developed to be as easy to digest as we could make it.

We're on a mission to create nutrition that meets the unique needs of every child. Because what we feed our children now will lay the groundwork for a healthy future. And we know that every child deserves that. So we're paving the way to change the lives of as many babies (and parents) as possible.