Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is the shelf life of your products? 

A. The shelf life of our products is generally 18 months- 2 years. The expiration date is usually found on the bottom of the can/bottle. Once opened, we recommend that the product be used as instructed on the “Suggested Use” portion of every label.


Q. Are goat milk formulas better for babies or toddlers with digestive issues from cow's milk such as colic, gas diarrhea, constipation, reflux, etc.? 

A. Goat's Milk Formula might be a great option, as the protein in Goat's Milk produces smaller, gentler curds and can be naturally easier to digest than dairy and cow milk formulas. Our Goat Milk Formula is not suitable for children with a confirmed cow milk protein or lactose allergy.

Q. Is Growth Spurt a good option when supplementing or weaning?

A. Absolutely! Growth Spurt was designed and modeled after breast milk with additions like Lactoferrin, 2'-FL HMO (Human Milk Oligasaccharide), Prebioitcs, Bifidobacteria Probiotics naturally found in breast milk, and DHA & ARA with over 20 vitamins and other nutrients for healthy growth and development. It is the perfect transition from breastfeeding or supplementing while breastfeeding!


Q. Does Growth Spurt have any GMOs or other cheap additives?

A. Growth Spurt has ABSOLUTELY NO: Maltodextrin, Corn Syrup Solids, Fillers, Bleach, or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). We strive for the very best ingredients you will find anywhere in the world!


Q. Does your formula taste good? Our kid is a picky eater.

A. Growth Spurt tastes great! With a full cream goat milk and natural vanilla flavor, we are ensuring a pleasant and fresh feeding experience for children and parents!


Q. Does Growth Spurt have an Infant Formula?

A. We currently only provide toddler labeled formula. Our formula does provide the FDA nutritional requirements for infants, but we cannot recommend our formula for infants until our formula goes through the FDA  evaluation process for children under 12 months of age.


Q. Why does your formula still include Lactose and show Milk as an allergen on the label?

A. The Organic Lactose used as a sweetener found in Growth Spurt Goat Milk Formula, is from cow's milk. Growth Spurt's Organic Lactose from cow's milk is molecularly identical to other lactose sources, and would not be suitable for children with a cow milk protein or lactose allergy.  

 Q. How do I store your formula?

 A. Store in a cool (room temperature), dry place, and please use by expiration date on can/bottle.


Q. Where is Growth Spurt made and shipped from?

A. All Growth Spurt products are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality ingredients sourced from around the world. We ship all products from our strategically placed warehouses around the USA as fast as possible.


Q. What is the best way to reach you?

A. The best and quickest way to get a question answered is to email This will reach us directly, from all of our devices, no matter where we are at the time, and ensure a quick answer to your question.