What is Goat Milk Formula?

 Goat Milk Toddler Formula


A Follow Up for Growing Toddlers


1. What is Goat Milk?


Goat milk is a form of alternative milk that is derived from goats. They are known for their immense health benefits that include better digestion, a strengthened immune system, a nutritional powerhouse, and a great alternative for children with cow milk sensitivity. 


2. What are the benefits of a Goat Milk Formula?

Easy for Digestion


Goat milk formulas contain smaller fat globules that aid in easier digestion. The short and medium-chain fatty acid present in goat milk makes it a gentler option for your child’s tiny stomach.

Less Allergenic


Children with symptoms of cow milk sensitivity largely benefit from goat milk formulas. As these formulas have naturally lower trace levels of the A1 casein protein, a lot of symptoms such as spit-up and acid reflux can be significantly reduced. 


Better Immune Support


Our goat milk formula is crafted with the essential amount of prebiotics in the form of naturally occurring oligosaccharides and probiotics, a combination of which helps in strengthening your childs immune system. This means better energy and a strong ability to fight back viruses from an early age. 




Growth Spurts goat milk formula is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support the growth of your growing toddler. Goat milk is naturally high in calcium which ensures your child has stronger bones for all that extra running they do as they grow older!


3. What are the differences between goat milk and cow milk?


Cow’s milk has always been the industry standard for formula milk and a popular choice especially in the United States and many developed western countries. This is probably the case because it is the most known milk humans have consumed for ages. In countries from other parts of the world, goat milk has been consumed to provide better nutrition for growing children.



With advanced scientific research, we understand the importance of a balanced gut in babies more than ever. And a goat milk formula may just be the answer. Even though goat milk and cows milk are similar nutritionally, goat milk is naturally higher in prebiotic oligosaccharides which help start your baby with healthy gut flora. This is essential for better digestion and fewer tummy troubles. 


smaller fat globules


Goat milk is also known for a chain of short and medium fatty acids which are easier to break down in your babys tiny tummy. The smaller fat globules produce softer and smaller curds making goat milk a gentler option.

a1 protein 


Goat milk also has lesser A1 casein protein which is much more abundant in cow's milk. This can be problematic for children that are intolerant to the A1 protein causing digestive issues such as extra fussiness, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, and tummy pain.


4. What is Growth Spurt’s Goat Milk Toddler Formula Made Of?


Our Goat Milk formula is made with an uncompromising ingredient profile meant to meet the needs of your growing child weaned from breast milk. We carefully choose healthy ingredients that make our gentle formula naturally easy to digest with a fresh, creamy, pleasing taste. 

Ingredients essential for your growing toddler


Growth Spurt Goat Milk Toddler Formula Ingredients


5. Is goat milk formula safe?

Yes! Goat milk formulas are safe for your little one. Children over the age of 1 have significant nutrient needs that are simply not supplemented with breast milk alone. A balanced diet of solid foods and breast milk is essential in the growing up years. The factors that control this are varying. Hence, a good goat milk toddler formula can be a great nutritious option for a healthier child. 


Our goat milk formula is specially crafted for children with gentler tummies. They can benefit from the many essential ingredients and very good digestion without all the ugly symptoms! We always recommend consulting your pediatrician before selecting any kind of formula!


6. When is goat milk not safe?


Goat milk is a well-rounded composition of nutrients that provide your growing child with all the necessary nutrition needed for an overall healthy life! However, there are instances where goat milk may not be the appropriate choice for your child. 

Cow Milk Allergy - Even though goat milk contains a lesser concentration of the A1 protein, it is still present in goat milk. Anyone with a severe cow milk allergy may still experience symptoms with a goat milk formula.


Lactose Intolerance - Goat milk is a safe, alternate choice for children with mild lactose intolerance symptoms. Goat Milk Formula does still include lactose. Whether goat milk is the right choice for your child is entirely dependent on the severity of lactose intolerance in your child. Check with your pediatrician before selecting the right formula. 


Babies - Our product is formulated specifically for children over the age of 1. There are instances where parents have witnessed great benefits from feeding their baby a gentle goat milk formula such as ours. We would always recommend consulting your pediatrician before feeding goat milk formula to your child at any age. 


7. Is a goat milk formula the right choice for your child?

At Growth Spurt, we aim for complete nourishment without any discomfort for healthier children and happier parents. Our gentle formula combines the natural benefits of goat milk with the nutritional benefits of added vitamins and nutrients found in breast milk. Our product is suitable for children that have been weaned off breast milk and over the age of 1. We also recommend our product for children with symptoms associated with cow milk sensitivity such as bloating, diarrhea, extra fussiness, chest and nasal congestion, acid reflux, and eczema. As always, consult with your pediatrician before selecting any toddler formula.